Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reasons i love teaching....

I won't lie. This time of year is stressful. In fact every year at this time the climate at a school goes berserk!! Bonkers even!! You know what i am talking about Teachers. Not only are the kids bouncing off the walls ready for Summer, but you yourself are itching for that Break. Well that is only the beginning of the chaos. Teachers begin to worry about their jobs for next year. Who's staying? Whose going? What grade will you teach? Which friends will you lose contact with this year when they leave? Who will be moved about and who is safe where they are? The answer, is no one. No one is safe, no one knows for sure. The uncertainty is deadly. It is mere torture to the soul to go through this emotional roller coaster. And then as you hear of your dear friends leaving and considering other options, you start to convince yourself that you too should switch schools, or go somewhere new. And then a mid the rustle and bustle of all this craziness I always seem to convince myself that i shouldn't even BE a teacher anymore!~ That's right, I get so darned overwhelmed and emotional, i doubt my career. I dislike confrontation in any way. I hate the turmoil and hurt feelings people get when we are shuffled around sometimes with no say in our destiny. It makes me sick, to the point of utter exhaustion (Which i don't need help with) and overwhelming sense of discouragement. And although it gets better and always ends up working out. Each year i hope and pray it wont be the same.. but those feelings always end up cycling back through to begin the ride again.

IT is is this that finally brings me to my blog post today.... REASONS WHY I LOVE TEACHING.... I decided to STOP right now with the frustration and overwhelming feelings. I can NOT change what happens. I can NOT convince people to stay. Although i am sad, and have even cried over some of the friends i will lose this year.... I can't change it. The only thing i CAN change is my attitude. So instead of getting frustrated and overwhelmed. I am going to remind myself why in fact i am a teacher.

1. I absolutely LOVE helping people learn. There is so much power in Knowledge and understanding and there is nothing better than seeing that light bulb click and making a connection.
2. I love kids. They make me laugh, they make me smile, and darn it they cheer you up when you are sad. They sense everything! Well.... SOME of them do ;)
3. My job is always different. I get to do something new everyday.
4. I get to do MATH everyday!! I love it!
5. I get to sing and dance and be goofy and sure they laugh, but deep down they still think you are the coolest thing ever!!
6. I love seeing former students and hearing their updates and Success, and knowing i may have had a small part in their future.
7. I love loving someone who may not get that support at home. And showing them that they ARE worth it!
8. I love having that bonding moment with a kid that has been driving you NUTS all year, when you both turn and realize that things aren't so bad!
9. I love meeting new kids each year and starting the year thinking it will NEVER be the same, missing my old class, and old students, wanting them back, not connecting with the new class, and then by the end of the year ending in tears yet again because i don't want them to move on!
10. I love the simple gifts, pictures and cards they give you randomly just to say they care!!
11. I love the silly things kids say that just make you laugh! Kids really do say the darnedest things.

I am pretty sure i could continue... and maybe one day i will. But i just have to remember that no matter how HARD and STRESSFUL and emotional it is... Watching kids grow and mature and succeed is what life is all about. And it's up to me and other teachers to support that learning and continue the future. No matter where i end up, or where i have to go to teach... I am a teacher!

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Kristal Lyn said...

Oh, Alisha! I sincerely love you! And it's my hope and prayer that my kids will be lucky enough to have a teacher who cares as much as you, loves as much as you, and teaches with their heart like you.