Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reasons i love teaching....

I won't lie. This time of year is stressful. In fact every year at this time the climate at a school goes berserk!! Bonkers even!! You know what i am talking about Teachers. Not only are the kids bouncing off the walls ready for Summer, but you yourself are itching for that Break. Well that is only the beginning of the chaos. Teachers begin to worry about their jobs for next year. Who's staying? Whose going? What grade will you teach? Which friends will you lose contact with this year when they leave? Who will be moved about and who is safe where they are? The answer, is no one. No one is safe, no one knows for sure. The uncertainty is deadly. It is mere torture to the soul to go through this emotional roller coaster. And then as you hear of your dear friends leaving and considering other options, you start to convince yourself that you too should switch schools, or go somewhere new. And then a mid the rustle and bustle of all this craziness I always seem to convince myself that i shouldn't even BE a teacher anymore!~ That's right, I get so darned overwhelmed and emotional, i doubt my career. I dislike confrontation in any way. I hate the turmoil and hurt feelings people get when we are shuffled around sometimes with no say in our destiny. It makes me sick, to the point of utter exhaustion (Which i don't need help with) and overwhelming sense of discouragement. And although it gets better and always ends up working out. Each year i hope and pray it wont be the same.. but those feelings always end up cycling back through to begin the ride again.

IT is is this that finally brings me to my blog post today.... REASONS WHY I LOVE TEACHING.... I decided to STOP right now with the frustration and overwhelming feelings. I can NOT change what happens. I can NOT convince people to stay. Although i am sad, and have even cried over some of the friends i will lose this year.... I can't change it. The only thing i CAN change is my attitude. So instead of getting frustrated and overwhelmed. I am going to remind myself why in fact i am a teacher.

1. I absolutely LOVE helping people learn. There is so much power in Knowledge and understanding and there is nothing better than seeing that light bulb click and making a connection.
2. I love kids. They make me laugh, they make me smile, and darn it they cheer you up when you are sad. They sense everything! Well.... SOME of them do ;)
3. My job is always different. I get to do something new everyday.
4. I get to do MATH everyday!! I love it!
5. I get to sing and dance and be goofy and sure they laugh, but deep down they still think you are the coolest thing ever!!
6. I love seeing former students and hearing their updates and Success, and knowing i may have had a small part in their future.
7. I love loving someone who may not get that support at home. And showing them that they ARE worth it!
8. I love having that bonding moment with a kid that has been driving you NUTS all year, when you both turn and realize that things aren't so bad!
9. I love meeting new kids each year and starting the year thinking it will NEVER be the same, missing my old class, and old students, wanting them back, not connecting with the new class, and then by the end of the year ending in tears yet again because i don't want them to move on!
10. I love the simple gifts, pictures and cards they give you randomly just to say they care!!
11. I love the silly things kids say that just make you laugh! Kids really do say the darnedest things.

I am pretty sure i could continue... and maybe one day i will. But i just have to remember that no matter how HARD and STRESSFUL and emotional it is... Watching kids grow and mature and succeed is what life is all about. And it's up to me and other teachers to support that learning and continue the future. No matter where i end up, or where i have to go to teach... I am a teacher!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yahoo Yahoo and more YA FREAKING HOOOOO!

I figured it was time for a new post. Now you may ask, "Well by golly, why hasn't she posted anything new? Or anything exciting?" I'd like to reply to that with great stories of an amazing vacation that took my breath away. Something so incredible that i would nearly have to stretch beyond all reason to find the perfect words to describe it. BUT ya know, I haven't taken a great vacation. I haven't had a great adventure beyond words. Therefore i need not find those perfect words.

Awe then it must be a major tragedy! Or a busy hang up at work.... But Alas that is not it either. Quite frankly I think the story we are looking for here, is i just haven't had anything blog worthy to blog about. UNTIL NOW!!!

Now i haven't made this a paraded marching band display. In fact, it is more an elephant in the room kind of story, so lets talk about this elephant!

I have struggled with weight loss for years. Ok lets be real probably my entire life. I have always been chubby, which is cute when your young but beyond that its just plan crappy. I have gone up and down but always remained chunky. 5 years passed and what happened? OH that's right through much stress, drama, life changing and craziness I gained 50 lbs. And have been desperately trying to get it off since then. I started tracking my weight last May. It would fluctuate 5ish pounds up and down but nothing beyond that. I tried several different workout approaches. Dieting etc. I even stopped drinking soda for awhile. But nothing. I was stuck! So then the last week of December came. (I had still been tracking my weight with no change.)I was talking to my friend who had mentioned she was going to start Weight Watchers. I had been thinking a lot about this option but wasn't quite sure. What if it didn't work and i just got more frustrated? Well regardless i decided to join anyway. I was desperate to try something new anyway. I was pretty sure it too would not work like everything else i had honestly truly faithfully tried. But to my surprise it worked! The first week in i lost 2 pounds. I have continued the program now for 3 months. I am in my fourth month, and i LOVE it. I dont feel restricted and tied down. I get to still eat the things i enjoy. I am just more aware of the portions i choose and tracking what i eat. But i am proud to say i reached my first weight loss goal! I have lost 17 lbs since my starting weigh in. It was such a great feeling to weigh in today and see that i had actually reached my goal!! I have set a new goal now to lose 10% of my original starting weight. And i am truly excited that it works! It really works! After being so frustrated with things never changing no matter what i did. I love that this worked and has made a difference. I mean of course there are still weeks where i haven't lost anything. But even staying the same weight is a success to me. Because that means i didn't fluctuate up or jump 5 lbs here and there. I love seeing progress each week whether it be on the scale, or in my motivation and pride.

I am even more pumped because as good weather comes more frequently i know i will continue to be active. I cant wait to get out there and ride my bike more! And walk the dogs again!! They love it and so do i!! (Even though i have started doing these things through the bitter cool fake spring days we have been having.)I cant wait to start going camping too!! I love to hike! I just know i will be more active!

I love that not only has this worked for me to improve my health and my image... But it has really help my confidence too. Not just because i am losing weight but because i have stuck with it and kept trying until it did work. I never gave up. And i still wont as i face the long journey ahead of me. I know it wont happen instantly and results aren't around the corner. BUT i will do this, I can do this and i am promising you now..... I will work my butt off to make it happen!!!!

SO if anyone wants to go for a walk or a bike ride, or hiking, I may not be the best but i am definitely willing!!! And everything is better with a friend!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

10 Years!!! Congrats Britt and Ryan!

Yup that's right... My sister and brother in law have been married for TEN years!! It seems like forever since Ryan has been in the family. I can't remember much before he came. They have been the best. They even let me live with them for a little while when i transferred up to Utah State.I will note that while i lived with them i decided to study abroad in London. While i was gone Ryan got a job in Salt Lake and they decided to move from Logan. Well all of my stuff was still there, i was planning on returning there when i got back from Europe. Needless to say they needed to move my stuff, so i got the message that i was being moved to a storage shed. Poor Brittany had to pack up my room and move it. She was even nice enough to help me find a new place to move into when i got home! But that's always my joke that they wanted me to move out so they moved me to a storage shed! But beyond all of that, That was the best time!! I feel like i grew closer to both of them through that short adventure. PLUS Ryan was there for me when i had a chipmunk cheek when my face swelled up and i had to have sinus surgery. If you know me the doctor/dentist is NOT my thing, so it took brave souls to venture that with me. And yes, i was banned from the dentist in Logan, there is a small chance i may have hit the dentist and he called my dad... (I WAS 21!!!) But they stuck by me to the end! They are great!

I still love going to their house for dinner and games. We love to play games! I will never pass up a round of Ticket to ride, or Settlers of Catan, or the new fav Mystery train game. It Is always a party hanging out at their house. They also have 3 BEAUTIFUL children, who i absolutely adore!! They are the best to cheer you up when you are feeling down!! I love those guys!!

CONGRATS on 10 years!! You guys are the best!!! Here's to another ten!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lily.... This years Birthday present!

This year Mikel decided to give me another puppy for my birthday. We picked her out together. We had been casually looking for awhile, and she just hit the spot. She is rambunctious and full of energy. But she sure is cute! I think lucky has really enjoyed having her around to play with. Even though they always wrestle and she steals his toys!! He definitely has an equal match! It's been fun to have a new addition in the family. Although with every great new joy, comes challenges and hard work! Have no fear he also bought me an adorable purse. Thanks for a great birthday!! I share my birthday with my sister. So the friday before our birthday Brittany, Mikel and I went to dinner and a movie while Heather and Isaac babysat her kids (yahoo sleepovers!) Then on my birthday me and mikel went to dinner and then went to britts later for Brownies and games! It has been a great February. It was also Mikel's birthday. So we invited his family over for a birthday dinner on Sunday. We have been blessed to be surrounded by great family. For Valentines day Mikel had to work, so he surprised me at work with a giant teddy bear and flowers. He is so sweet and thoughtful! He took me out on the Saturday before too. Talk about one spoiled month!! We definitely have had a great month!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I love Book Club!

My Book Club met tonight, and can i just say, I LOVE BOOK CLUB!!! It is just so much fun to meet with awesome girls and talk about books. The book we read this month was "The Thirteenth Tale." Let me just say, emotional roller coaster!!?!?? It is absurd, and crazy, and at points while reading i thought, "What the good heck are we reading this month??" But overall it was a really good book. Twists and turns i never expected. I very unpredictable plot. It was a Gothic, Romantic, Classic English style book. With great reference to some of my favorite books like "Wuthering Heights" and "Jane Eyre" I love meeting with girls, eating fun yummy treats, and talking about one of my definite favorite things, READING!!!

I am looking forward to our next book "The Maze Runner" I already put it on hold at the library!! I LOVE having a book to read. I am not sure what i would do without books! I always have one by my night stand. OK lets be honest, i probably have two or three at all times!! Then i pass on my good readings to My brother in law, or Sister, or sometimes friends. Nothing better than telling someone else about an amazing book i just read, and then having them read it and love it too! Awe the joys and adventures of reading!!!

Any Suggestions of good books I should read this year???

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Secret passions of a silly girl.

Have you ever had a great thought, or maybe even a great story come to you. One you wanted to write about and develop characters and details for? Or write of a far off place that holds magical powers whether real or just emotionally captivating? Who knows if anyone would even want to read it? Would it make sense? Would it be real?.... I have always loved writing, although it may not be on the top of my talent list. It has always been my passion. Perhaps that's why i am a teacher. I can create adventures everyday that capture the attention of eager waiting children on the rug awaiting a magnificent story. Or maybe those same students are awaiting an explanation that explains why things happen the way they do in life. Or why we must do this assignment when it seems we have already done something similar in nature. Now, i may not be a writer, or a publisher, OH but i am a story teller. Reality, fairy tales, Reasons for why we have to do things we don't want to. I have written it all. And perhaps one day i could even write an autobiography to share the crazy adventures and unexpected life changing moments i have experienced through out the years...But as for now i have chosen to write those down in other forms. Journals, poems, blog posts, doodles, notes, pictures. Anyone who knows me knows that you wont find me too far away from my camera. In fact my friends and family often moan and groan as i insist on capturing the moment at nearly every event i attend. Now again i may not be a fancy famous photographer. But i have my own collection of memories. Pictures that can tell stories of words i have forgotten. Smiles that share emotions that cant be explained, and tears that remember pain that has been forgotten. I may never share these writings and pictures with the world, but they alone serve as documentation of my life and the effects and experiences i have lived, and that alone is enough for me.

May stories and memories continue to ring in my heart and head forever more.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

OK so not only am i officially the worst blogger ever, but i haven't been keeping up on other blogs either. I get so lost and distracted sometimes. I haven't posted about Christmas, or the new year, or heck i didn't even post about GETTING MARRIED!!! which has been over a month now. Everything went perfect. Mikel Forgot to bring his Tux to the temple, so i had to wait forever before we could walk out. And even then his uncle just let him borrow his suit jacket to take pictures in. It was funny, but i totally didn't care. I was just happy to be there, and to have gone through the temple with him and to have so many family and friends sitting there with us. It was incredible. Then we had a great Christmas together filled with family and fun. It was really great. I am excited for a new year! I know it is going to be a great year. I know it wont be perfect and there will be ups and downs, but i am ready for the adventures that will come... Here are a few of my favorite memories of the holidays that ended 2010. I am so grateful for awesome friends and family that are always there to support me and keep life great!!! Happy new year!!! Here's to new goals, new adventures, and a super 2011!!!